Our purpose is to teach tennis to people who are unlikely to ever be exposed to the sport. In doing so we promote joy, accountability, and self-confidence.

What we do

We give tennis instruction seven days a week, year-round. There is no charge, and we provide all equipment. We go to schools, parks, recreation centers, public housing complexes, etc. to reach people. Most of our students are ages 7 to 11, but we teach many adults as well.

What’s good about the program:

Enthusiasm – Our students are thrilled to see our coaches, and vice-versa.

Lifetime Sport – We have a strong sense of urgency to help our students achieve a proficiency so that they can play in high school, college, and for the rest of their lives.

Discipline – We are demanding in requiring that students execute strokes properly, respectfully wait their turn, pick up balls, put away equipment, and are on time.

Confidence – Students know that any praise they receive is earned. The confidence they gain from learning tennis carries over into other areas of their lives, notably school work.

Perseverance – Students quickly learn that the only way to gain proficiency is by sticking with it…and doing it over and over.

Accountability – Teachers must confirm that students’ classwork and behavior are satisfactory.

Civics – An integral part of the program is teaching how to shake hands, make eye contact, dress appropriately, say thank you, use correct grammar and behave on the court properly.

Commitment – Students who become a part of TLA can remain with the program as long as they want, regardless of skill level…but provided they are engaged.